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Swimming Lessons for Kids

Learn water safety and competitive swim techniques from local swim school, SwimKids!

Offering a variety of swimming lessons for kids of all skill levels, our certified swim instructors provide a comprehensive curriculum, starting with water safety basics through to advanced stroke mastery.

parent- child private swim lessons

Based on your child’s current ability, we develop personalized swim lessons for beginners and competitive athletes alike. Our goal is to provide an educational, enjoyable, and safe experience for kids to build confidence in the water while learning important life skills that will benefit them long-term.

With several locations in and around Salt Lake City, including year-round swim lessons at our Holladay & Pleasant Grove pools, we ensure you have consistent access to keep skills sharp throughout all seasons. If you are interested in winter swimming lessons, heated pool swimming lessons, or want to keep your children active during the colder months, then our all-seasons swimming lessons are perfect for your kids!

Whether you are looking for infant swim lessons, private swim instruction, or swim team prep, SwimKids provides an effective training program in a fun and exciting environment.

Call SwimKids today at (801) 797-3211 to learn more or to register your child!

Proven Program with Individual Results

SwimKids Swim School CurriculumOur curriculum consists of 10 levels of swimmer competency, starting with the most basic introduction to the water. With 6 levels of beginner skills and 4 levels of technique mastery, we have the right program and approach to help your child progress with the benefit of positive reinforcement, individual attention, and a fun private or group environment.

private swim lessons

For over 35 years, SwimKids has taught over 50,000 children of all ages the skills they need to be confident in and around the water. Our proven swim-float-swim technique forms the basis of our program, teaching children how to self-rescue by properly resting and breathing to regain energy during a strenuous swim.

Because we provide personalized, one-on-one instruction to developing swimmers, you don’t have to worry about your child being left behind or getting bored. Our private lessons are tailored to their individual level, skillset, and advancement pace, ensuring they are getting the best instruction possible.

Learn To Swim with SwimKids!

Swim Team PrepWhether you want your child to learn to swim, are looking for a private swim instructor to teach an advanced swimmer, or are looking for a fun activity to keep your kids active year-round, SwimKids provides individual attention and a proven process for success.

Not every child is a natural swimmer or is comfortable around the water, and that’s ok! We help them gain that confidence through personalized swim instruction that moves at their pace, providing an advancement structure that celebrates their accomplishments. There are hard days and tough lessons, but it is worth it to see the smiles on our student’s faces when they master a new skill.

We provide several different class styles, including:

Whatever your child’s current skill set and comfort level, SwimKids is dedicated to helping them build confidence and new skills with personalized swim lessons that move at their pace.


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Did you know that 65% of Americans don’t know how to swim?

Make sure your children have the skills they need to keep themselves and others safe around water!


Get Started Today!

Swim Kids Salt Lake City Swim School LogoOur team of expert swim instructors can’t wait to see the smiles on your kid’s faces as they gain confidence with their new skills. If you are looking for a fun and exciting opportunity for your children to learn water safety, new skills, or to perfect their current skills, SwimKids provides swimming lessons for kids of all ages!

Call SwimKids today at (801) 797-3211 to learn more or to register your child!