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FAQ’s & Resources

swimming lessons for kids calendarHere are many of the questions our customers have asked in the past. If you don’t see a question you need answered, just give us a call at (801) 797-3211!

We discourage parents from getting into the water with their child during their private lesson, because we find that it is much easier for the student to bond with the instructor if their parent/caregiver is not in the water. Parent-tot classes are designed for one parent to accompany their child.

You have 30 days from the date you cancelled your lesson to schedule a Make-Up. To make up a missed lesson or take extra lessons; you can choose from our one time spots listed on our website. The list is updated at close each day for the next 3 days. We do not book make-ups more than 3 days in advance. If you see a lesson time that you want on our one-time spots calendar, call our office (the phones are on 24/7). Leave us a detailed message with the day and time you would like to book. We will call you back to confirm the spot and collect payment.

Single lesson days and times can be cancelled by calling and notifying our office. Cancellation and Make-up policies apply. If you need to permanently cancel recurring lessons, a 4-lesson “Withdrawal Request” (found below) must be submitted. A request submitted with less than a 4-lesson notice will still be charged for the balance of lessons. Reducing lessons from two days per week to 1 day per week still requires submission of the “Withdrawal Request” for the day you with to cease attending in the appropriate time frame.

Since each individual child is so different, it is really hard for us to answer that question. What we can tell you is that with the focused one-on-one attention that we are able to provide, your child will swim when they feel comfortable and are ready.

With our year-round swimming options in Holladay and St. George, you are able to start lessons anytime we have an opening that fits your needs. Because most lessons are private, we can provide great scheduling flexibility to better serve your needs. Your child can attend once a week, or multiple times per week. In the summer from June-August we offer outdoor lessons at locations in Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

While your child is taking their lesson you can sit poolside and watch them, or if you need to you can visit our office. Your attention and encouragement will help your child feel your support. It is ok to bring other children who will not be swimming, but please keep them safe!

For your lessons you will want to bring swimsuits and towels for your swimmers, and shower essentials if you want to shower afterward. Your swimmer may also want to bring goggles, but we always have plenty to borrow if they do not have their own. Swimmers who wear diapers must be double diapered with one diaper being a reusable swim diaper with elastic at the waist and around both legs, you may also want to bring a swimsuit to go over their diaper, but this is not required.

Once we have finalized your bookings, we will send you confirmations of the dates and times. The address to all of our pools with be automatically placed at the bottom of each email. Remember that all pools other than Holladay and St. George are at residential pools. Plan to arrive early for your first lesson to take care of any unexpected issues. Check in with the office at the main Holladay location. We do our best to run our lessons on time, and we find that students who are not rushed and have the opportunity to watch other swimmers before getting in typically do the best.

If you are unable to attend a lesson, you can give us a 30-day notice to receive a free make up. Less than 30-days, but more than 1 day before you can pay a $5.00 rescheduling fee per 15-min lesson spot to schedule a make up. Whenever you know you will be missing a lesson, leave a message on our phones ( 24/7) (801) 797-3211 so we can notify the instructor.

During a lesson, each student has the instructor’s undivided attention for 15-30 minutes. This focused learning helps the child to quickly gain necessary swim skills. Private lessons allow the instructor to focus the learning on the skills the student is ready for at a pace that works for each student.