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Group Swim Classes

Improve your swimming skills in a fun, competitive environment with group swim classes from SwimKids!

group swimming lessonsIntended for kids who are looking to gain a competitive edge, our group swim classes focus on increasing endurance and putting your new skills to the test. These classes complement the child’s private swim lessons and are available to our current students who have progressed to the technique stage of our training curriculum or children who have completed the required assessment.

Our technique levels shadow the Red Cross Curriculum, advancing from freestyle to more competitive strokes and techniques. Kids as young as 4 are eligible for our group classes, pending an assessment of their skills. If your child is interested in becoming a competitive swimmer or just wants to learn new techniques, our group swimming classes offer a fun, exciting learning and growth opportunity.

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Swimming Endurance and Skills Training

group swimming classesAlthough we offer a group setting, your child still gets the attention they need to excel. Group lessons allow kids to practice their skills and see where they stand against other kids of their age and skill level. We often overhear kids providing each other tips and pointers, allowing them to get support and assistance beyond that of their instructors.

Group swim lessons help your child progress more quickly. We teach them to critically analyze what other swimmers are doing and to incorporate the time-saving strategies they observe into their own swimming techniques. In addition to building their skills in the water, our students build life-long friendships with other kids who share their love of swimming!

Looking for group classes for infants or toddlers? We provide group parent-child swimming lessons for an early introduction to water safety!

Swim Team Prep

Swim Team PrepIf your child wants to take their training to another level, our private and group swim lessons are targeted to help you prepare for competitive swimming. Our personalized swim training curriculum includes all 4 competitive strokes, including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly stroke. We focus on honing these techniques to ensure they have the skills they need for competition.

Individual swimming lessons help kids to learn and perfect their new skills, while our group classes provide the chance to test their skills against other competitive swimmers. We focus on maintaining a friendly environment where athletes are encouraged to provide positive feedback and support to the other swimmers.


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The average high school swimmer swims one million strokes in a single season!


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Swim Kids Salt Lake City Swim School LogoTake your swim training to the next level with group swimming classes by SwimKids! Increase endurance and perfect stroke technique in a fun, exciting, and positive environment. Year-round training available!

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