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Parent-Child Swim Lessons

Parent-child swim lessons are a great opportunity to start developing swimming skills and water safety for infants as young as 3 months old.

parent child swim lessonsOur daddy & me / mommy & me swim classes allow you to get in the pool with your child, assisting them with submersion, floating, and an introduction to swimming.

You, your child, or both may be nervous about this experience. We understand that not everyone is comfortable in the water. Our individual approach allows us to cater to your child and your comfort level, moving at a pace that feels good to you.

For a fun, educational experience that teaches valuable skills while keeping you and baby active, join SwimKids!

Call SwimKids today at (801) 797-3211 to learn more or to register!

Fun for Parents & Kids

parent tot group swim classWe focus on making learning to swim fun for kids of all ages. The group structure of our parent-child swimming classes makes it a fun experience for parents and children alike. Our lessons are interactive, engaging, and exciting. This not only keeps even the youngest kids interested, it provides parents the opportunity to interact with each other while bonding with their children.

Although it is a group program, we provide individual attention and each child progresses based on their unique ability. Once children turn 2 or they develop adequate coordination and breath control, they are eligible for private lessons to further hone their swimming skills and improve their technique.

Water Safety for Infants & Toddlers

parent tot private swim classesConcerned with the safety of your infant or toddler around water? You’re not alone. After moving to a new home near an open canal, SwimKids founder Liz Walker was determined to keep her 18-month-old daughter safe.

Liz started researching and found a reputable swimming instructor to provide swim lessons for her toddler. She was impressed with how quickly her daughter was able to learn the simple, yet effective, technique they were teaching.

Liz utilized that same swim-float-swim method to teach her other 4 children basic water safety and swimming skills at home. This technique is still the basic approach that SwimKids utilizes today.

SwimKids has helped over 50,000 children develop the skills needed to effectively self-rescue in water, and we are dedicated to doing the same for your child. We believe that it is never too early to start teaching children self-sufficiency skills that will provide them with life-long benefits.


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It’s never too early to begin teaching water safety! You can attend lessons with a child as young as 3 months old.


Get Started Today!

Swim Kids Salt Lake City Swim School LogoSwimKids offers year-round Parent-tot swim lessons at our indoor pool location as well as seasonal outdoor lessons at our array of outdoor facilities.

There is no better time to start teaching your child safe water habits and practices than right now with swimming lessons by SwimKids!

Call SwimKids at (801) 797-3211 to learn more about Parent-Child Swimming Lessons, or to register for upcoming classes!