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Kids Private Swimming Lessons

Learn basic swimming skills or master advanced techniques with private swimming lessons by SwimKids!

private swimming lessons for kidsOne-on-one swim lessons allow us to ensure your child gets the instruction and attention they need. Our attentive, caring, and kid-focused instructors ensure your child is confident in their skills before progressing them to the next level. From children who have never been under water to those who are active swimmers looking for new techniques, our lessons are designed to help them progress at a pace they are comfortable with.

Whether you want to help your child be more comfortable in and around the water or want to take existing skills to a competitive level, private swimming lessons by SwimKids provide the individual attention they need to excel.

Call SwimKids today at (801) 797-3211 to learn more or to register!

Individual Focus for Proven Results

private kids swimming lessonsEvery child has unique developmental needs, and that is why we focus on individual, one-on-one swimming lessons. Our unique curriculum structure focuses on ensuring our students have strong basic swimming skills before progressing to learning more advanced techniques. Some kids progress very quickly, while others take longer to feel confident with their skills.

When you allow kids to set their own pace in learning, they feel more comfortable in the water. We provide a low-stress environment and personal attention that allows them to express any frustrations they may be having with their progress, and provide lots of positive reinforcement when they are doing well. We love high-fives and hand them out frequently!

Our Swim Training Curriculum

private swimming lessonsOur introductory private lessons focus on basic skill development, specifically utilizing the swim-float-swim method for self-rescue and extended swimming. We have successfully taught over 50,000 children to swim using this effective method. And while our curriculum is highly structured, the pacing is entirely dependent on your child’s ability and comfort level. Kids as young as 2 years old are eligible for our private swim lessons.

Once your child has moved to the advanced technique levels, they are eligible to join our group swim classes. These classes allow them to build relationships with other children who have similar interests, as well as provide them the opportunity to engage in positive competition. These longer classes increase endurance and allow them to accelerate their competitive swim skills. And for those looking to be swim team ready, our ‘Swim Team Prep’ program combines group and private lessons for the ultimate combination of endurance and skill development.


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An hour of vigorous swimming strengthens the heart & lungs, reduces stress, and burns up to 650 calories- more than running or biking!


Get Started Today!

Swim Kids Salt Lake City Swim School LogoWatch your child excel with private swimming lessons by SwimKids!

With personalized skill development, proven results, and year-round access, there is no better resource for targeted swimming skill development than SwimKids.

Call SwimKids today at (801) 797-3211 to learn more or to register for private swimming lessons!