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Swimming Lessons in Provo

Dive into the wonderful world of aquatics by signing up for swimming lessons in a Provo swim school! With our strong team of certified swim instructors, SwimKids offers a variety of classes that range from basic water safety lessons to competitive swimming techniques.

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Whichever skill level your kids are in, SwimKids is sure to have the ideal class for them! We look into your child’s current ability and we use our expert observations to create a personalized curriculum that complements and challenges their skills. At SwimKids, we not only want your kids to learn how to swim, we are committed to making their learning experience as safe, engaging, educational, and fun as possible.

With several locations in and around Provo, we ensure you have consistent access to keep skills sharp throughout all seasons.

Whether you are looking for infant swim lessons, private swim instruction, or swim team prep, SwimKids provides an effective training program in a fun and exciting environment.

Call SwimKids today at (801) 797-3211 to learn more or to register your child!

Proven Program with Individual Results

SwimKids Swim School CurriculumWe at SwimKids are proud of our comprehensive swimming syllabus. We’ve divided it into 10 levels based on swimmer competency—six levels designed to introduce and enhance beginner skills, and four levels for technique masters.

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With our effective curriculum and our team of experienced instructors, we are confident that we can give your child a learning environment that’s enjoyable, motivating, and dynamic.

SwimKids has been in the business of building confidence in the water for many years now. We’re happy to say that we have the expertise, equipment, and experience teaching children of all ages—from infants to experienced swimmers.

And because we offer personalized private swimming classes that are tailored to your child’s skill level and pace, you can be confident that they’re getting the best training possible.

Learn To Swim with SwimKids Provo!

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Learning how to swim works differently for every single person, and SwimKids totally understands this. It’s exactly the reason why we do what we do, how we do it! We don’t just teach your kids to swim, we guide, assist, and correct them every step of the way. We move at their pace. We celebrate their wins, and support them when they get disappointed.

Whether you want your child to develop their swimming skills as an infant, or want them to learn a new sport, or want them trained for competition, SwimKids can give your child the personalized, one-on-one instruction that they need in order to achieve their goal.

We provide several different class styles, including:

By enrolling your child in proven swimming programs at SwimKids, you can help them get so many benefits such as building their confidence, setting them up for a healthier lifestyle, nurturing their talents, and equipping them with skills to keep themselves and others safe around water.


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Did you know that 65% of Americans don’t know how to swim?

Make sure your children have the skills they need to keep themselves and others safe around water!


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SwimKids and its team of certified swimming instructors are passionate about giving kids a wonderful childhood as well as setting them up for a happier, healthier, safer, and more successful future. And we do this by developing, enhancing, advancing, and mastering their swimming skills.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to give your children a meaningful, enjoyable, and exciting introduction to the world of swimming, SwimKids is ready to help.

Call SwimKids today at (801) 797-3211 to learn more or to register your child!