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My child's instructor was amazing.

My child's instructor was amazing. I would give her 5 stars. I had an unsatisfactory experience with the office that has since been resolved with sincerity and respect.

- Kristin Myrup Covili

The teachers are fabulous and so kind.

My daughter had her 4th lesson today. She LOVES her lessons and had learned so much. The teachers are fabulous and so kind. I'm really enjoying watching her learn and grow. Thanks, SwimKids!!

- Elisa Cunningham Dall

SwimKids is the best!

SwimKids is the best! Our kids love the water, and are learning all they need to be safe and have a lifelong love of swimming.

- Lance Walker

We had a great experience here.

We had a great experience here. My son improved so much in just a few lessons. Would definitely recommend!

- Melissa Reynolds Thurston

Her teachers are amazing!!!

Today on the way to swim lessons (second lesson) my daughter said, "Mom, tell my teacher I don't want to go under water today." Halfway through the lesson she was laughing and asking to go underwater again and again. Her teachers are amazing!!!

- Jennifer Teagle

We love swim kids!

We love swim kids! The teachers are great and really know how to help improve each child's swimming skills. They make each lesson fun and my child looks forward to it each and every week!

- Katie Gerber Widdison

I give SwimKids all the credit!!

SwimKids is AMAZING! Trust me, as a mother and Grandmother, I have sat through lots and lots of swim lessons...the Private Club Pool, the Rec Center Pool, and private pools. I was always disappointed with the baby and toddler lessons! Nothing more than glorified "splashing lessons". Such a waste of time and money!! Then we discovered SwimKids!!! WOW!!! Total different experience for sure! Babies and toddlers quickly learn water SURVIVAL skills, plus foundation strokes that quickly morph into REAL swim strokes! The SwimKids process is so exciting to watch!!! My youngest granddaughter, age 2, panicked and cried through her entire first lesson. Lol. But from then on, she loved every minute and progressed very quickly! Of course, she is a genius, but I give SwimKids all the credit!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ANYWHERE ELSE!!

- Linda Kirk

Will recommend SwimKids to every person I can.

Thank you for teaching my 3-year-old to swim! He was nervous in the water at first but your instructors were excellent with him! They were patient and kind, but still pushed him to achieve his best. It was incredibly to see his confidence grow in AND out of the water and now he is a little fish! I will bring every one of my children to you and will recommend SwimKids to every person I can. Thank you again!

- Chrissy Walker

Instructors are fantastic and professional!

We have loved it!! Instructors are fantastic and professional! My child had a really bad experience with the water and we didn't think he would ever step foot into the water again. Then we heard of swim kids and they helped him ease back into the water. He can now swim underwater and float on his back if accidentally falling into the water. He is very confident around the water now! We owe swim kids everything!

- Joey McClure

Has been the BEST summer.

This has been the BEST summer because my kids are so comfortable in the water! I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. My 5 year old has taken lessons for 2 summers and has learned to swim on his own, dive off the diving board, float and find the wall, and swim a couple different strokes. My 3 year old was not as adventurous at first but now loves the water! She can float and find the wall and is starting to learn to put the swimming basics together. We have gone to 2 different locations and my kids have loved all their instructors. They have always started and ended on time. I couldn't have asked for a better experience for my kids to learn such an important skill.

- Cynthia Judd Sanchez

Best swimming experience that my daughter's ever had!

This has been the best swimming experience that my daughter's ever had! I have a 2 year old and a 5 year old. All the instructors have been kind, friendly, knowledgeable, and calm. They don't just teach the basics, they also teach swimming skills. If I could give this place 10 stars I would!

- Brittany Wells

Thriving and swimming better than I could have ever imagined.

My kids, who were once terrified of the water getting in their faces, are thriving and swimming better than I could have ever imagined. So happy!

- Janacy Gubler Horsley

My son loves water, thanks to SwimKids.

My son loves water, thanks to SwimKids. The parent-tot classes have been a great way to get him comfortable being under water. His teacher, Mrs. Kara, is so compassionate and knowledgeable. She knows just how much to push my son. At 22 months, he is floating on his back independently, swim underwater to the stairs, and roll from his back to his stomach.

- Lillian Adolphson

I can't say enough great things about SwimKids

I can't say enough great things about SwimKids. My daughter had a great fear of putting her face in the water, yet seemed comfortable being in it. Through the patience and persistence of Theresa (regular teacher) and Liz (amazing owner and founder of SwimKids) my daughter now puts her head under no problem, and actually says, "it's fun" when asked. I never thought I'd see the day! Thank you SwimKids for helping me to get over one of the biggest hurdles I've had as a mother and teaching my daughter to swim! Randi Pastrovic, Grateful Mother

- Randi Pastrovic

My daughter turns into a little swimmer and loves water.

We have been with swimkids for 3 years now. We love it. We have to drive 45 mins to take our daughter to swimkids. However, it's been very worth it. My daughter turns into a little swimmer and loves water. Her instructor, Ms. Nancy is very knowledgeable and nice. We love her. We are very happy that we can find such a great place for our daughter to learn one of the important life skills.

- Ellyana Linden

Vey professional and hands on approach to safety in the water.

My son is five and we wanted to make sure he was safe near water. We enrolled him in Swim Kids and after 4 sessions he was eager to jump into any part of the pool and safely swim. Vey professional and hands on approach to safety in the water.

- Phuong T.

Swim teaching techniques are excellent.

I am surprised at the negative reviews for this place as my experience has been rather good. Most learn to swim places dont offer private instruction for children under ages 4 or 5, which only leaves the mommy and me option, and that is great to help get your child comfortable in the water, but doesn't teach your child to actually swim. This place offers private lessons and teaches water safety basics to children as soon as they are ready, which in my child's case, was when my daughter was around 20 months old. This feature is what makes Swim Kids so appealing. After a few rounds of the mommy and me classes, (which I feel are VERY GOOD, it is not just splashing in the water) my child was ready for the private lessons, and I was able to apply the money I had paid for parent tot classes toward the private lessons. After a few months of private lessons just one time per week, my child is floating for 10 seconds and swimming in the water, knows to swim to the wall, etc. She loves her time in the water and asks daily to go to her lesson. I am very pleased with her instructor, Kara, who is very caring and very experienced. The only drawbacks about Swim Kids are: 1. Cost, as it is expensive. 2. Scheduling lessons is not easy as the experienced instructors book quickly and it can be hard to get a spot. However, changes happen all the time and spots open up. The swim teaching techniques that the owner and founder, (Liz) uses are excellent and exactly what I was looking for as far as her methods. I am very pleased overall. There is a place for your toddler to play downstairs while you wait for your lesson, (toys, a slide, etc), the facilities are clean and pool water is nice and warm as it should be.

- D. A.

Private lessons were perfect for my 3yr old.

We moved here after a horrible experience somewhere else. The private lessons were perfect for my 3yr old, who had a hard time staying focused in group classes. Here is my list of pros and cons. Pros: 1. Survival skills - In the beginning they focus on teaching little ones how to float on their backs and how to get out of the pool by themselves. 2. The building and pool are actually quite warm. (I was surprised to see someone say the opposite.) We've been going here for 3 years and never had a problem with it being cold. 3. The teachers are knowledgeable and very good with kids. If you feel your child needs to be pushed a little more, they listen. 4. Once the kids have advanced to a certain level, they move them to a group class. In the group class they work on building strength (laps) and form. My now 6 year old can swim freestyle, dolphin, breath stroke, etc... in laps. Cons: 1. They have 1 dressing room upstairs, which doesn't have a door, so it's great for babies and toddlers, not so much for 6 yr olds. They have a girls bathroom and a boys bathroom downstairs. Since mostly women are bringing the kids, the girls bathroom is too cramped. The just need to make the bathrooms gender neutral. 2. I find their make-up lesson policies are a bit of a headache and I don't think anyone appreciates the $5 charge. You have to be really on top of things to avoid the charge, and let me tell you, I am not that person.

- Andrea M.

I am pleased with her progress.

Expensive but worth it if you are looking for a quick "fast track" swimming lesson option for your child. Every other pool I looked into would not do private lessons for my 2 year old, and steered me to Parent/Tot classes. No offense, but my daughter needed someone other than her mommy to help her learn the life-saving skills I want her to develop. In 8 lessons she has built her confidence and is able to float for a few (3-4) seconds unassisted. I am pleased with her progress but have a couple notes for other parents to consider: 1. $30 per 15 minute lesson is expensive and there are other options at other locations depending on your child's age and need...check your local community or high school pool first 2. This is NOT the life-rescue class I had originally thought it was, but does incorporate and focus on many of those skills along with standard swim skills 3. There are no Davis county options (as of today) which makes these not only expensive but time consuming as an option (note there is a similar program in Syracuse that is $30 for a 30 minute lesson)

- Erika D.

We love swimkids!

We love swimkids, it is definitely pricey but worth it, we especially love the teachers that have been around longer just because of the consistency and how good they are with our kids. We did leave after our kids stopped improving about three years ago but wanting something nearby and consistent for the kids, we are back and love how they've changed a bit of the structure and define the levels and skill sets taught a lot more. Ultimately, the price and time investment seems to be the same as that which you might spend on group lessons, the kids seem to learn a lot quicker with private lessons. It does get hot inside during the winter but that ensures the kids are warm in the water.

- Daisy P.

We have loved our experience so far with swimkids.

We have loved our experience so far with swimkids. The one on one class has been the best thing for my son. Before we came here, he was very tentative around water and now he just jumps right in. The instructor was kind and helpful and made each lesson fun. We will definitely be doing more lessons!

- Nicole H.

SwimKids is truly great.

SwimKids is truly great. They have a wonderful staff, and their classes work wonders

- A Google User

Thanks SwimKids, my baby and I had a great time!

SwimKids is great! I was looking for infant/parent classes and they were so easy to sign up with. They had a lot of times available to choose from too! Thanks SwimKids, my baby and I had a great time!

- A Google User

Swim Kids is phenomenal.

Swim Kids is phenomenal. Not everybody knows this, but they aIso have Art AND Dance classes available. I have both my kids here in private lessons. Here is an example of their commitment to their families: I wanted a second swim class for my son, and I also wanted an art class for my daughter. They not only accommodated my son, they scheduled an art class so I could have both kids here at the same time twice a week. Regardless of what other reviews may say, this place not only accommodates difficult schedules, they went above and beyond to get our family taken care of. Call here, talk to Liz or Neal. They will get your kids activities needs figured out.

- A Google User

Great School for young children!

Great School for young children! We took our 3 year old to some other programs with very little results. At SwimKids they taught her to go under the water and float happily in 8 lessons. It was great!

- A Google User

Swimkids is a fantastic place.

Swimkids is a fantastic place. They have high quality instructors who are well trained to teach children the ways of the water and get them familiar with how the water is. It is worth every penny because the quality is what you get!

- A Google User

I am glad I found them for my daughter.

SwimKids is fantastic. My 5 year old daughter began private lessons which were just perfect. She got the one-on-one attention she needed and the instructors pushed her just enough so that she would learn something new each week. When we were moving out of state, they had no issue refunding our outstanding balance. Wish were staying. The instructors were enthusiastic and positive, but they really do stick to a tight schedule. Don't be late! All in all I would have no problem sending my other child to SwimKids. I am glad I found them for my daughter.

- A Google User

I get compliments on how well my kids swim at such a young age!

I am so happy that we found SwimKids! Our family enjoys vacations and family activities that revolve around water. Swimkids has taught my kids (4 and almost 2) to love and enjoy the water safely. When I take my kids to the pool I get compliments on how well my kids swim at such a young age!

- A Google User

Love Swim Kids...worth every penny spent!

We have been swimming with Swim kids for years. I wouldn't take my children anywhere else. The instructors are positive and loving yet still encourage your children to push themselves. So far I have 4 out of 5 excellent swimmers in my home with the 5th one not too far behind. Love Swim Kids...worth every penny spent!

- A Google User

I am amazed at the amount they teach in 15 minutes!

We found swimkids from another state and drove 10 hours to get a couple of weeks of lessons. We have been unable to find anything at all comparable! They were wonderful working with our schedule to fit lessons in for our 18-month and 3-year-old, and even squeezed in a couple of bonus refresher lessons for our 3 older children who could already swim but are now even more competent. We recently bought a home with a pool and wanted all the kids to be comfortable and SAFE in the water! Swimkids really focuses on helping kids learn survival skills, and my kids loved it! My 3-year-old can now swim under water and alternate floating on her back all the way across the pool, and my 18-month-old will float on his back after going in face forward... not to mention he loves holding his breath to get toys on the steps. We will be back next year for more lessons... including for our baby who will be 1 year by then. I am amazed at the amount they teach in 15 minutes! Worth the cost!!

- A Google User

Learning different strokes and were competent and confident in the water.

After spending two summers with the local Red Cross Swimming lessons I wanted someone that could actually teach my girls to swim, not just to put their face in the water and sing "Motor Boat, motor boat..." Although skeptical that my child could learn to swim with only a 15 minute lessons and leery of the high prices, I tried it out. Only one of my girls was comfortable putting her face in the water, and none of them could float. After 2 lessons each of my girls was swimming out to the instructor and flipping onto her back to float by herself! I paid for 10 lessons and by the end they were all learning different strokes and were competent and confident in the water. Thanks.

- A Google User

It was way cool! Thanks SwimKids!

My friends and I took our infants (6 months to 12 months) to a class together. We appreciated the staff working with our schedule to get us in when we were available. The teacher was very well trained and helpful. We look forward to taking private lessons to continue the learning process. We saw a 2.5 year old jump off the diving board and roll to his back without help! It was way cool! Thanks SwimKids!

- A Google User

We have always liked swimkids.

We have always liked swimkids. My kids showed much more progression in these swim lessons than any other swim lessons. Pricey but worth it.

- Leslie Walker

I can't recommend SwimKids enough.

I put my two boys (ages 3 and 6) into the Fast Track program where we went everyday for a week. We then scheduled a few more lessons afterwards. If I lived closer, we would have gone more often! My 6 year-old who was nervous at first was swimming wonderfully by the end. My 3 year-old who was scared of the water only cried on the 2nd day & I think that was because I made him go first instead of his brother. He learned how to float on his back and they really stress water safety by teaching them to get to the edge & pull themselves up. I didn't have any problems with different teachers. I think it helps them to learn better by having different instructors. My 3 year-old loved Dylan though! After having done group swim lessons in the past & not having felt they learned a lot, I can't recommend SwimKids enough. At least get them started here- even if you have to drive a ways like I did!

- Kelli Allen

Great teachers. Nice facility.

My son learned more in four lessons at SwimKids than he learned in 3 months of lessons at the rec center. Great teachers. Nice facility.

- Heather Armstrong

SwimKids makes swimming fun!

Our son has been with SwimKids since he was 6 months old. Now he is 5 and the confidence he has in the water is remarkable. SwimKids makes swimming fun!

- Micah Baker

I love Swimkids!

I love Swimkids! I've taken all four of my kids to them and have always gotten results. Before I went to Swimkids I tried group lessons with a woman in our neighborhood and group lessons at our recreation center. I got NO where. My children didn't learn to swim. Than I heard about Swimkids. They have been awesome. I love all their teachers. They are so knowledgeable and they get results. They taught my two oldest children to swim and are teaching my two youngest to swim. They are more expensive than the recreation centers but they are so worth the money. And in the end I don't feel like I'm wasting my money like I did with the recreation center. Call Swimkids if you want to see results.

- Jenny Baxter

Now have 2 kids that feel comfortable in the water and swim great!

I moved from Las Vegas with the suggestion to go to Swimkids. I put my 2 girls in the program and loved every minute of it. My oldest was 3.5 years old and my youngest at the time was only 12 months old. It was amazing to watch them get better and better with each lesson. I now have 2 kids that feel comfortable in the water and swim great! I'm excited to put my baby in the water soon. The key is to have communication with your instructor as to how you are feeling and if you want your child pushed or to take it slower. Dont be afraid to ask questions (I sure did). My girls cried for a few lessons, but they finally got over it and started begging to go swim.

- Carli Lewis

SwimKids is awesome!

SwimKids is awesome! Our kids have gone from being afraid of the water to loving to swim. Absolutely worth the cost.

- Corey Henderson

The classes are fun for parents and kids alike!

My son (8 months) has been going to Swimkids for about two months, he goes to Parent-tot classes. The classes are fun for parents and kids alike! The teachers are great, enthusiastic and very helpful. My son's confidence in the water has definitely increased and we always have a good time.

- Aniko Csirmaz

I don't know how these folks do it so much better, but they do.

After three summers of lessons elsewhere, my daughter was more afraid of the water than ever. In just a few short lessons at SwimKids, she had her face in the water. In a couple of weeks she was swimming on her own. A month or two later she was jumping off the diving board and claiming she wanted to be an Olympic swimmer. I don't know how these folks do it so much better, but they do. Swimming is now not just a fun activity, but going to SwimKids is now one of the weekly experiences my daughter requests year-round.

- Tabitha Thompson

Made me a believer in the SwimKids philosophy.

I recently enrolled my 3 year-old daughter in a couple 15 minute private lessons. The instructor made her feel very comfortable in the water and my daughter very quickly felt a high level of trust with her teacher. The instruction, coupled with the interactive play really works well to build confidence in the kids as their water safety skills improve. Both my six year-old and now my 3 year-old have made me a believer in the SwimKids philosophy.

- J Archibald

I definitely recommend SwimKids!

My son has been going to SwimKids for about nine months and I have seen amazing growth! The lessons are very focused. When my son is in the pool, they make sure he is learning and practicing the entire time. The teachers are patient, amazing, and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend SwimKids!

- Jen Schwerdt

Our experience here has been great.

We love Swimkids! Our experience here has been great. All of our teachers have been good. Love their emphasis on water safety and training, but all while being fun. Totally worth every penny. Added bonus-only 5 minutes from our house. Our little one loves the water and has a great time at every lesson. We will continue to enroll our kids in lessons through Swimkids for a long time.

- Erin Macintosh

I would recommend swimkids to anyone and everyone.

I have had my little boy in the parent tot classes since he was 6 months. I am so happy I started him out when he was so little. I love his teacher Nanette I changed my work schedule just so I could continue being in her class. Now when my little boy is in the tub and falls over or puts his face in the water he doesn't panic amd he quickly knows to turn his head to breathe (he is now 9 months). Its just fun to be able to watch him grow as a swimmer and he loves the water classes and Nanette. I would recommend swimkids to anyone and everyone.

- Megan Hansen

I will continue to bring my children here -- so worth the $!

Our 3 year old son has been at Swimkids for a couple months now and we love it! I'm amazed at what they have taught him in such a short time and how they've married both safety and fun together. Each and every teacher we've had has been knowledgeable, kind, and confident. I will continue to bring my children here -- so worth the $!

- Rebecca Kjar

Do a fabulous job at teaching children learn how to swim.

I was referred to Swim Kids by a friend and have really liked it. I think they do a fabulous job at teaching children learn how to swim. I have seen amazing things. I loved everything I learned in the parent-tot class and use the skills when I swim with my daughter at other pools. All of the employees are very knowledgeable about swimming and offer great advice.

- Natalie Herman

SwimKids is awesome.

SwimKids is awesome. I signed up my friends four year old daughter for the fast track classes. She took group lessons last year and it was basically a paid play date. She still wouldn't leave the swimming pool steps before the SwimKid classes, and now she swims like a fish and loves going to the pool, water park and even goes down the big kid slides. And all we did was (9) 15 minutes classes. I was skeptical about them only being 15 minutes but it was great because she didn't get bored or tired. Just a heads up, the first three classes were not fun for me because she was terrified and wined/cried but I just waited outside for most of the class and then would peak inside. She did much better when she couldn't see me. By the forth class and a little bit of bribery, I told her we would get her the Disney diving sticks if she didn't say, "I can't" to the teacher. Worked like a charm. She was so excited to go back by the fifth class and she is still asking me to go back and take more classes. (The teachers did rotate but it wasn't that big of a deal. I would just ask the teacher at the end of the class what she needed to work on the following class and just tell the next teacher. Not to mention, all the teachers were great with her so it really didn't matter).

- Jillian James

I highly recommend that you talk to them.

The SwimKids staff are a group of hard working people trying to do their best. I have been with SwimKids for a while now. If you ever have a problem I highly recommend that you talk to them. They will work with you and make it right! Their goal is to see happy and confident swimmers! If your child is fearful, DON'T GIVE UP! It only gets better!

- Richard Larsen

Swim Kids is professional and on-target for kids.

Swim Kids is professional AND on-target for kids. We tried another outfit for our 6 year old, but left disappointed. Swim Kids teaches with a smile and the results have been phenomenal. My son went from crying at the other place to absolutely looking forward to his lessons each week. Kudos to Swim Kids!

- Jimmy Cooper

I don't think I would take him anywhere else for swimming lessons.

My 10-month old has been swimming in the parent-tot class for 5 months and loves it. He gets so excited to get in the water. We love the small class sizes so the teachers can really focus on the individual kids. His first time he screamed when he was dunked under water but it was only that one class and now he kicks and back floats. It's been fun watching my son making improvements in the water. I don't think I would take him anywhere else for swimming lessons.

- Ashley Detrick

I love that she is quickly becoming more safe around/in water.

We love Swimkids! We started in the parent-tot class when my daughter turned two. The pool is warm and comfortable, and the classes were a great introduction to swimming/swim lessons. Now my daughter is taking private lessons with the same teacher who taught the parent-tot class, which is really helpful because my daughter already had a great report with her teacher! She loves going to swim lessons and I love that she is quickly becoming more safe around/in water. I plan to start my 6 month old son in parent-tot classes soon :)

- Jen Christensen

You will not be disappointed!

My son has been attending Swim Kids for three years and is a fantastic swimmer at the age of 6. He also keeps progressing and loves attending on a weekly basis. The safety training and one on one instruction is the way to go in swimming lessons. The peace of mind that comes with the fact he knows how to swim is priceless. My daughter just started this last summer and is already loving it. Swim Kids is like no other swimming lessons and is worth the extra money, you will not be disappointed!!!!

- Stacey Hirata

I would highly recommend it to anyone!

My son has been taking swimming at Swimkids for 1 1/2 years. He is 4 years old. It's been awesome to see him go from not being able to go in the water at all, to being able to swim the length of the pool by himself in several different strokes. He can get his face in the water without thinking twice about it. He can save himself if he falls into the pool. He can dive off the diving board into the 12 foot deep water. He can swim to the bottom of the pool to retrieve items. The teachers he has had have been happy and patient and strict enough to teach him what he needs to know. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

- Trista M

We love swim kids!

We love swim kids! My preschooler began lessons in July 2014 and went from not being willing to get his face wet or float on his back to swimming under water and floating by himself! All with a huge smile from ear to ear every minute of his lesson. He was happy to go under water after his very first lesson and floated on his back by himself after eight lessons.

- Alexei Johnson

Swimkids is by far the best.

We've tried various swim schools in Salt Lake and Swimkids is by far the best.

- Kaleb Wilbur

We have had an amazingly positive experience with them!

I am very surprised to see negative reviews about the SwimKids organization because we have had an amazingly positive experience with them! We started my son in private lessons when he was around 20 months old. He cried during his first lesson but has not since. The teachers have all been wonderful and truly seem to enjoy helping the children learn. He has made incredible progress over the last 10 months and can now float on his back instantly & comfortably, flip over from his back to put his face in the water and kick his legs & scoop his arms moving forward in the water, dive under water to the bottom of the pool to retrieve an object, perform some basic strokes propelling himself in the water, and can even jump off the diving board! We started with one 15 minute lesson per week for a few months, and now do three 15 min lessons per week, but private lessons can be customized to your liking. We have never had any issues with scheduling. My son looks forward to and is always excited for his lessons. To address any concerns about having different teachers....we have had several over the months but currently have been with the same teacher for awhile. You can request a specific teacher, but they do say on their website that exposing your child to several teachers may actually be better for them so that they do not become too dependent on a certain style of teaching or a certain person. In closing, I would highly recommend SwimKids. I am so happy we enrolled my son! I know that he has not only learned the skills to be safe in the water, but has also established a lifelong love of swimming!

- D Ford

Recommended SwimKids to friends and family and will continue to do so.

After my son jumped into a neighbors pool at a party I started looking at swimming lessons. I friend of mine who's daughter was a great little swimmer recommended SwimKids. I started my 3.5 year old at SwimKids. At 4.5 he could swim the entire length of the pool freestyle and backstroke. He is now 7 and has been on a swim team since he was 5. Parents on our swim team have asked me how my son started swimming so well so young and I always tell them SwimKids! The one-on-one instruction paired with their teaching techniques had my son swimming in the first 2 weeks of class. Fast-forward to my 2nd child. I had moved a distance away from any SwimKids pools, so I put him in regular swimming lessons at a rec center. He has swam there for 9 months (he is 4.5 now) and can barely swim 10 feet. I feel like I wasted the time and $$$ not just driving a little further to SwimKids. I will be scheduling him lessons with SwimKids this winter. I have recommended SwimKids to friends and family and will continue to do so.

- Annie Albrecht

The teachers are wonderful!

My 2yr old loved Parent Tot class. We took him because he loved the water and I was afraid he would jump in when our backs were turned. He now knows to hold his breath, scoop and kick and turn on to his back and float. He still has a ways to go but we will definitely go back next summer and take our 5 month old as well. The teachers are wonderful! Very nice, patient and understanding with all the kids.

- Melanie Gonzalez

I was very happy with our experience at SwimKids.

I was hesitant about putting my kids in swim lessons here because of the price but I'm glad I did. My 3 yr. old and 5 yr. old loved their lessons and made great progress during their fast track. It was so fun seeing them learn new skills and having their confidence in water increase. They had multiple instructors during their fast track and they were all great to work with. I was very happy with our experience at SwimKids.

- Janelle Stevens

I am finally sold on having him do regular lessons throughout the year.

My son has taken lessons at Swim Kids for two summers now. He started at 3 1/2, and was terrified of getting his face wet, which resulted in very little fun in the water! After just one lesson at Swim Kids he was holding his breath under water and it opened up his eyes to how fun the water could be. By the end of his 8 lesson set he could swim a few strokes, then roll onto his back to rest and catch his breath, then roll back over and continue his way down the pool. I was incredibly impressed! He has loved the pool ever since. This last summer (at 4 1/2) we did 12 total lessons and he can swim/rest/swim all around the pool by himself now with complete confidence. He can also do sitting dives, dive for pool toys, and he practiced a number of different strokes. I am finally sold on having him do regular lessons throughout the year, just still trying to work out our schedule. It is pricey, but the price has been worth it to us to see how much his confidence and ability (and therefore his safety) has improved through Swim Kids.

- David Grow

It has been worth every penny we have spent!

We love SwimKids! I have had my 9 year old daughter in swim lessons every summer since she was 5. We tried everything from rec centers to other private places. No matter where we took her she would barely make any progress! We didn't think she would ever learn to be a good swimmer! We finally found SwimKids and she has progressed more in a month than she did in all the years we had her everywhere else! She has not only learned to swim but she loves the water now and we can't keep her out! Had we started here she would have been swimming years ago! She was taught by Nancy and Kate and we loved them both! Thank you Swim Kids for finally teaching our little girl how to swim! It has been worth every penny we have spent!

- Stephanie McKinnon

We highly recommend SwimKids.

Our daughter and son have been taking lessons here for the past six months. We have nothing but good things to say. The teachers have been so kind to our children and are excellent at what they do. There have been a couple times that the teachers have either had a cancellation or a late student and have offered to get our children in the water early. The staff has been very accommodating, friendly and helpful. They have gone above and beyond to answer questions for us and are so sweet to the kids. The owner even called to try and rearrange our lessons when she noticed they could be closer in time. We highly recommend SwimKids. Lindsay and Mike Egan

- Mike Egan

Their program works.

Their program works. I was skeptical when we first brought my son there of what he'd actually learn during a 15 min lesson but he has made fantastic progress over several months worth of lessons in the past 1.5 yrs. My son saw such awesome progress that as soon as my daughter turned 2 we enrolled her in lessons. They both love it there. The pool is warm(The air is very warm for spectators). The teachers and staff have all been great to deal with. We went to Hawaii and my son was the smallest/youngest person jumping off the top of a 20 ft boat to swim in the ocean. Kids 3-4 times his age wouldn't go and he just freestyled to the stairs and floated on his back for breaks. Swimkids is a great investment in your peace of mind to make sure your kid is safe around water. I'd recommend swimkids to all parents. Fantastic at teaching kids to swim.

- Matt Brass

Even at a young age its great for confidence building.

What I loved best is that they took my 17 month old and the lessons teaches him to love the water and not be afraid!! Even at a young age its great for confidence building.

- Michael McConkie

SwimKids isn't your average swimming lesson.

SwimKids isn't your average swimming lesson. My kids, ages 3, 4 and 7 have all learned to be independent in the water, which makes playing in and around water much more fun, and much less stressful. Our kids love the water, love swimming, and now have a critical skill that they will use for the rest of their lives. It may seem expensive, but your kids will learn fast, and it will be well worth the time and money spent.

- Lance Walker

My 2 year old daughter loves swimming here.

My 2 year old daughter loves swimming here. Recently we took her to the beach an the was her first time near waves. She regressed a little bit however I told the teacher not to be afraid to push her. And she did push my daughter. My daughter was afraid of floating and the teacher was very gentle but didn't give in to her crying and then by the end she was enjoying following achieve. It was precisely what she needed. Thank you for getting her back on track and not being afraid to let her fuss.

- Daniel Mortensen

The lessons have been incredible.

The lessons have been incredible, but watch your billing statements. I have had two issues with payments and each staff member seems to give a different response. Update: After speaking with the manager, my issue was pleasantly resolved.

- Alicia Brady

I’m so impressed with how much my daughter has learned.

We have been at swim kids one week today and I’m so impressed with how much my daughter has learned. She looks forward to coming and is building so much confidence. Thank you swimkids!!!!

- Whitney Clissold

We are excited to have another Summer of swim lessons with SwimKids.

Liz has been so helpful. I work part time and was a little discouraged to find out the scheduling had changed this year to be 5 days a week. She went out of her way to figure it out so that I could schedule set days. I really appreciate the effort she put into making it work for us. We are excited to have another Summer of swim lessons with SwimKids.

- Whitney Hansen

I like the way they teach swimming.

Very nice way of teaching...very pleased so far. I like the way they teach swimming.

- Manju Rawat

Kids loved the lessons and progressed quickly.

Kids loved the lessons and progressed quickly. Enthusiastic teachers and one on one were key factors in quick swimming progression.

- Alexandra Jones

Very reasonable prices.

Great atmosphere to learn to scuba! Very reasonable prices.

- Susan Anderson

I wish I could give more than 5 stars.

I am so impressed with my experience with SwimKids. They were great about explaining several options for private lessons for my kids. They are so accommodating in helping me schedule both lessons back to back. I'm also beyond pleased with how much my kids have learned in a few lessons. I wish I could give more than 5 stars.

- Amy Kessler

SwimKids has given me that peace of mind.

SwimKids is the best place for swim lessons for kids. The instructors and staff are wonderful. My five year old knows all of the strokes with his favorite being the dolphin (I can't even do a dolphin stroke)! My two year old can jump in the water, put her head under, float, find the edge, and get out all on her own. I mean the kids learning all the different strokes is great, but what really matters to me is knowing that if my kids accidentally fall in a pool or lake that they will be okay until I can get to them. SwimKids has given me that peace of mind.

- Leta Shepherd

The one-on-one teaching is excellent.

They have a great program for developing swimming skills and independence in the water. The one-on-one teaching is excellent and the teachers have the patience of saints.

- Eric Millican


WE LOVE SWIMKIDS! My 3 year old has been taking private lessons for the past 4 weeks. He cried his eyes out for the first 3 lessons but his teacher Liz reassured me that things would get better. Today was his 7th lesson and it was AMAZING! Absolutely no tears, and the progress I have seen has been incredible! Liz has been so patient with him...she is sweet but pushes him! The office staff is so friendly, and the facility is always clean and warm. I have been so thrilled with our experience that I just booked another month!

- Lauren Bickmore